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200C (MACP-MCP), 473A (MART), 473B (MART), 508A (MACP-MCP), 508B (MACP-MCP-SY), 508C (MACP-MCP-SY), 508E, 509A (MACP-MCP), 509B (MACP-MCP-SY), 509C, 509D (MACP-MCP-SY), 509J (MACP-MCP-SY), 523A (MART), 523B (MART), 673A (MACP-MCP-SY)

The Gift of Therapy

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Author(s): Yalom, I.D.

Publisher: Harper Collins

Required / Optional:  REQUIRED: 200C (MACP-MCP), 473A (MART), 473B (MART), 508A (MACP-MCP), 509D (MACP-MCP-SY)

OPTIONAL: 508B (MACP-MCP-SY), 508C (MACP-MCP-SY), 508F, 509A (MACP-MCP), 509B (MACP-MCP-SY), 509C, 509J (MACP-MCP-SY), 523A (MART), 523B (MART), 673A (MACP-MCP-SY)

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